Why should my business invest in anti-spam software?


Every day millions of unsolicited and potentially harmful emails are needlessly downloaded into inboxes. Some are just irritating and take up precious kilobytes of bandwidth, whilst others may contain scams and viruses that pose a serious threat to your computers and data.


7 Reasons to Consider EveryCloud Email Protection for Your Business

1. EveryCloud automatically blocks 99.99% of all viruses, scams and threats.


2. Simple to use with no training required.


3. Fully customisable spam reports are available as often as required, offering easy access to quarantined emails.


4. You can customise your email blocking rules, so emails containing content on a certain subject can automatically be forwarded to a specific member of staff.


5. EveryCloud updates automatically, so there are no software updates required.


6. No more lost emails – if your servers go down, EveryCloud queues your emails on its network so they can be safely restored to you.


7. Manage filtering through Outlook – request spam reports and white and black list senders directly via a simple-to-use Outlook plugin.


If data security and email viruses are something you have been affected by, or are concerned about, why not give QIC a call on 01962 711000 to see how EveryCloud Email Protection can benefit your business.


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