What’s New In Maximizer CRM 2018?

If you’re more than one version behind, you’ll notice many additional enhancements to the system, but here are some of the highlights …

1. Enhanced Import Tool – new advanced features include duplicate entry checking, import history/status updates and import templates, making uploading data to Maximizer quicker and easier than ever before.

2. New Global Edit Function – allows you to continue working in other areas of Maximizer while editing is in process.

3. App Directory – you can now access a growing number of other business applications from within Maximizer, simply by searching the app directory.

4. Drag and Drop – quickly upload documents from your computer to Maximizer with the new ‘drag and drop’ function.

5. User Interface – there have been several improvements to the user interface, making accessing your customer data quicker and more efficient.

If you’d like to learn more about Maximizer CRM 2018, or would like to discuss an upgrade, contact QiC today on: 01962 711000