Honeypotting in cyber security.

What is Honeypotting in Cyber Security?

Honeypotting explained

Honeypotting is a cyber security method where fake servers or systems are set up to look like real targets.

These decoys are called honeypots and they attract cyber attackers, distracting them from real and valuable systems.

Types of Honeypots

There are several kinds of honeypots which are each designed to target types of cyber threats and gather information on them.

It is important to know which honeypot method is best suited for your business depending on the required objective:

  • Production Honeypots – These are placed alongside real systems to detect attacks.  This type of honeypot diverts the attention of cyber attackers away from legitimate targets.

  • Research Honeypots – These areused to study attacker behaviour and find software vulnerabilities.

  • High-Interaction Honeypots – Provide detailed environments for attackers, allowing in-depth analysisThis type lures in attackers for a long period of time, making them best fitted to businesses who wish to conduct in-depth analysis.  What’s more, the high-interaction type provides different layers of databases and processes for an attacker to penetrate. This indicates to administrators what an attacker’s intentions are, being anything from a cyber criminal’s preferred information to steal or their methods of obtaining it.

  • Low-Interaction Honeypots – Gathers basic information about attackers.  These honeypots have minimal interaction with attackers and only collect basic information about the attacker or threat.

The Benefits of Honeypotting

  • Early Detection – Acts as an alert system for potential attacks.
  • Information Gathering – Collects data on attack methods and attackers.
  • Diversion Tactics – Distracts attackers from real systems.
  • Deception – Creates uncertainty for attackers.
  • Training and Research – Helps security teams improve their skills and understand threats better.

How Common is Honeypotting in IT?

As the benefits of honeypots become more widely known, this method of tackling cyber-attacks is becoming more common.

Many proactive businesses are using it as part of their cyber security strategy as the IT landscape constantly shifts and cyber attackers become more advanced. We highly recommend this method for organisations who wish to collect key data in a cost-effective way.

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