What are the top 6 new features of Maximizer 2019?

We’re excited to announce the launch of Maximizer 2019 and if you’d like to know what’s new about the 2019 version of Maximizer CRM, here are the highlights:

1. New Leads Module – this allows you to manage the full cycle from leads to sales.

2. Quick Search enhancement – to help produce more accurate search results the Quick Search will now only search the name fields, unless other parameters are used, such as address or phone number.

3. Search in Notes Following tab – In the Notes Following tab, you can now search for notes in a selected entry and set various parameters for the search.

4. Outlook add-in – new to on-premise, in Outlook you can now mark the emails that have been saved to Maximizer entries using an Outlook category.

5. Notification manager – You can now receive notifications by emails. In Notification Manager, in the wizard page there’s a new option ‘Send an email when this notification arrives’.

6. Outlook and Word add-ins – A new version of Outlook and Word add-in is available with a cleaner interface.

If you would like to find out more about how a CRM like Maximizer 2019 can help your business move forward, call QiC today on 01962 711000.