Top Cyber Security Issues for SMEs

Cyber security is typically overlooked in small and midsized businesses, and yet given the often-devastating nature of a cyberattack, it is well worth putting proactive measures in place to protect your business and data before the worst happens.

Phishing Attacks

One of the most common forms of cyber attacks is phishing, when an attacker poses as a known contact (usually through an email) to gain access to files without permission. These attacks can also plant viruses, causing networks and websites to break or become inaccessible.

With remote working becoming more common for businesses, the likelihood of a phishing email successfully capturing sensitive data is greater. Employees working from home could be more likely to click on a suspicious email without checking with colleagues first if it is legitimate, making your business more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Lack of Awareness

Hackers and cyber criminals are buoyed by a general lack of cyber awareness by businesses, which allows them to target sensitive and confidential information indiscriminately. When you choose an experienced IT company such as QiC to manage your cyber security, you can rest assured that cyber security awareness training will be available to your staff to help reduce the risk of accidental data breaches.

GDPR Breaches

Securely storing personal information in line with GDPR regulations is a legal requirement for all organisations. A breach could not only result in heavy fines, but could tarnish your reputation which could subsequently lead to you losing customers.

A comprehensive cyber security plan will provide peace of mind that your files don’t fall into the wrong hands and that your data and documents remain secure.

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