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Take The Stress Out of Hiring a New Employee with Maximizer Installed by QiC

Are you still using a manual onboarding process for new employees? Could your business benefit from streamlining the onboarding process to help save time and gather necessary information more efficiently?

From sending an offer letter, contract and pension information, to tracking the expiry dates of necessary licences or certifications, onboarding a new employee can be a time consuming process.

Maximizer can not only automate all of your onboarding emails, but can trigger notifications for your team, management, and the new employee to remind them of expiring licences, overdue visa information, and pension updates.

With Maximizer CRM, you can:

– Automate your onboarding emails to save time and ensure that all necessary information is communicated in a timely manner

– Receive notifications in advance when licences, certifications or visas are expiring to give managers and employees time to arrange for renewal

– Centralise all of your employee information in a searchable format, including relevant documentation to help keep all your data in one place

With prices from only £45 per month, upgrade to Maximizer CRM system installed by QiC. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote by using our online contact form today.

QiC Systems is an award-winning IT support company, based near Winchester and servicing the whole of Hampshire and beyond. Specialising in cyber security, cloud-based working solutions and CRM systems, we can help you to make your IT systems work harder for you, saving you time and giving you peace of mind that if you run into any problems, our team will be on hand to help.

For a free cyber security services quote or to arrange a visit from one of our technicians, call us on: 01962 711000, send an email to

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