SSG Recruitment Maximizer CRM Case Study


Key outcomes

  • Centralize customer records and documents
  • Quickly access customer information
  • Full visibility of critical business metrics
  • Quickly setup appointments with shared calendar

“Maximizer CRM is one of our key business tools. We love that we have one place to go for all our information, it has undoubtedly helped us streamline. We are huge fans of Maximizer and highly recommend it!”

Laura Mould, Managing Director
SSG Recruitment Ltd. 

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SSG Recruitment Ltd is a successful and innovative incubation company who specialise in enabling Recruiters to run their own recruitment business. SSG takes away the fear of launching a start-up by covering everything any new venture requires to trade successfully – from taking care of the legal and compliance issues through to the creative and branding challenges. Once established, Recruiters also benefit from ongoing support and mentoring. From small beginnings in 2003 they have grown rapidly but have never lost their personal touch and genuine enthusiasm to help.

In 2013 as the company’s client base was expanding, SSG recognised the urgent need for a centralised portal for all their data. At this point they began to explore various CRM options. They were particularly keen to find a solution that could scale with the business, support the growing amount of information they had to store, whilst at the same time being simple to access from anywhere.

Having an accessible CRM would help them streamline their processes across their office locations as well as allowing SSG to efficiently respond to their clients.

SSG met with Maximizer’s Certified Solutions Provider, QiC and liked their consultative approach, how they listened to their requirements and allowed them space to assess the various offerings.

Features Used

  • Address Book
  • Advanced Searches
  • Basic Searches
  • Calendar
  • Column Views
  • Documents Tab
  • Export to Excel
  • Notes


QiC, recommended Maximizer CRM Live, deployed as a Cloud solution to fit SSG’s requirements for a flexible CRM. This would address the business’ need for anywhere access, along with the added benefit of automatic upgrades without the need for on-site intervention. SSG particularly liked that Maximizer allowed for customisable fields that could be painlessly tailored, to fit their unique business requirements. The deployment went smoothly with QiC on hand at every step of the adoption process, with 12 members of the SSG team up and running very quickly. This number has grown rapidly over the years, and Maximizer CRM now supports a SSG team of 23.

Laura Mould, Managing Director observes, “Initially introducing a CRM was met with some reticence. However, the benefit of Maximizer was felt almost immediately across the business. We were no longer wasting time having to search for client details in different locations. With Maximizer our teams have just one place to go to for every piece of information they need, whether in the office or working remotely.“

Laura adds “The Management Team soon made good use of the dashboard features and enjoyed the ease of having full visibility of all our business critical statistics on one screen. There are so many benefits, big and small; even previously arduous tasks such as appointment setting has been simplified by using the shared calendar features to check availability. Now we just check the calendar, book and go! I would say that using Maximizer has increased our efficiency 100 fold!”

Benefits gained

  • Anywhere anytime access
  • Increased productivity
  • Centralisation of data and improved data quality
  • Improved customer experience
  • Flexibility
  • Calendar synchronisation
  • Less requirement for IT support


CRM has enabled SSG to keep accurate records and centrally store the large volume of documents that are required by the various businesses they support. Storing documents against records means they can easily access information without spending time searching archived files. The Maximizer cloud solution makes it painless for SSG to add additional CRM users as the business continues to scale. They also have the peace of mind knowing their data is securely stored and backed up within a Tier IV certified data centre.

Having access to information anywhere anytime has helped improve data accuracy and management. Up-to-date interaction tracking allowing the business to substantially improve their customer engagement and support. Since implementation SSG have recommended Maximizer to their direct clients as the CRM to enable new businesses to succeed.

About QiC Systems Ltd

QiC (Maximizer Certified Solution Provider) helped SSG Recruitment Ltd achieve success with their Maximizer CRM. QiC Systems Ltd was founded in 1999 to service the IT needs of small and medium sized businesses in the South of England. Based near Winchester, our award winning team of experts have years of experience supporting Microsoft based networks for a wide variety of clients. QiC are ideally suited to provide sound advice and assistance in supplying and deploying IT solutions to meet the ever evolving needs of your business.

About Maximizer

Maximizer CRM is fueling the growth of businesses around the world.

Our CRM solutions come fully loaded with the core Sales, Marketing and Service functionality companies need to optimize sales productivity, accelerate marketing and improve customer service. With flexible on-premise, our cloud and your cloud deployment options, tailored-to-fit flexibility, state-of-the art security infrastructure, industry-specific editions and anywhere/ anytime mobile access, Maximizer is the affordable CRM solution of choice.

From offices in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and AsiaPac, and a worldwide network of certified business partners, Maximizer has shipped over one million licenses to more than 120,000 customers worldwide.