SharePoint Online Hubsites

SharePoint Online in recent years has come a long way and many enhancements have significantly improved the overall appearance, usability and performance. One of these enhancements was the creation of office 365 groups.

With Office 365 groups you could create SharePoint sites within seconds and get working with an intranet, document library, email address and more.

The issue was that each Office 365 group site was disconnected, and so navigation became more difficult, news and events became detached and branding and design went out of the window.

This is where Hub sites comes in.

Hub Sites

At the admin level, we can create a Hub site. Then, when creating a new Team or Communications site, the users have the option to add it to an existing hub.

When this is done, the new team site is not just joined to the hub site, but it gets the same navigation, theme, logo and settings.

Also, at the top level, the initial site used for the hub site becomes the central hub, where news, activities and search join to make it simpler to find your stuff!

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