In recent times, Office 365 has presented us with some extraordinary options when it comes to making our data safe and making it universally accessible.

It also has built in controls for things like data loss prevention, retention tags, Version control and even multi-stage recycle bins!

As good as these things are, however, there are no options for backup and restore.

What does that mean?

It means that whilst they have taken huge preventative measures to protect us from hardware and software failures, from accidental data loss and from erroneous revisions, there are no controls for serious breaches, malicious damage or recovery for old data.

For example, let’s say you have someone in your organisation, who has a falling out with the senior management team and decides to quit under heated circumstances. They go into the system and start deleting stuff. They delete an Office 365 group called my team and it contains some data for their team.

The group goes into the recycle bin for 30 days, but in that time, they are focussed on replacing that person and so it goes unnoticed for a month. We suddenly need to restore that data, but Office 365 only keeps it for 30 days!

How can I get protected?

So not many people know that Office 365, just like a server can be backed up using 3rd party tools.

We at QIC use Altaro 365 Backup tools, protecting your data from all eventualities.

Altaro 365 Backup protects all off office 365, including groups and teams information, we can also allow specific users to be able to access the portal so they can monitor and perform their own restores.

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