With the popularity of Office 365 in business comes some interesting challenges and one of these is Identity management. Identity Management is responsible for passwords and security therefore its important to build it right. Azure Active Directory sync is designed to bring Office 365 and your on-premise solutions together.

What does this give you?

Same Sign on, SSO...

Same Sign on

Same Sign on gives the end user a better signing in experience. From logging onto the domain to office 365, they use the same email address and password to sign in.

Central User Management

From active directory to Azure AD, IT admins save time on user management by only having to set it once and have it go to 365 automatically.

Easy password management

As well as central user management, password management becomes easier for the end user. When their password expires, they change it once in windows and it automatically changes in the cloud.

Single Sign On

With a bit of extra configuration you can now have Singe Sign On. Single Sign on is different to Same Sign On in that with Same sign on, you still have to login to 365 once logged into Windows. Single sign on means when you login to windows, the cloud is also logged in automatically.



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