Power BI is a service from Microsoft that gives us the ability to visualise our data in different ways. Imagine charts in excel, but much more complex and they can get data from all kinds of different data sources.

Great, so what?

Alright, so I will point to the statement where it can connect to all kinds of data sources. That is one of the more powerful (hence Power BI!) parts of PowerBI, you can take info from your CRM, SQL database, Excel files and SharePoint online, at the same time. You can also link them together and PowerBI will know what records are for which customer, branch or any other kind of data.

Cool, so what can we do with PowerBI?


  1. We can connect to our data, re-shape it, create relationships, and run calculations. All without modifying the original content.
  • We can Create measures and calculations on a column without interfering with the source. You want a sales total without exporting to excel and messing around with the table? No problem.
  • We can slice the data, this means that we can put our data in, add a slice and create interactive filtering, you want to get sales figures for an individual sales person? No problem.
  • We can create interactive dashboards, here we can no just slice, but we can drill down into sections and get more information.

We at QIC systems now offer consultancy services for Power BI and can help you along with your Cloud Dashboard journey.

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