Azure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection is a cloud-based solution that can help a business classify and protect certain types of data.

For Example, if your business keeps personally identifiable information, AIP can be set to look out for that kind of data and then ‘classify’ it for you.

Once classified it can then apply AES encryption at rest to that document / email. It can also prevent that data being sent or shared outside the company if required.

What kind of protection can I protect?

In a nutshell, any data in Office 365, whether it is in Email, OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer, or Teams, Office 365 can be set to look for data types and if it is deemed important enough, classify it as Confidential.

How does it work?

Office 365 gives us the tools to select what kind of data we should be working with. We can create our own tags, or just use the ones given to us out of the box.

Does it do this automatically?

It can, yes.

We can select from a long list of internationally recognised data types, and we can add our own as well.

We can then select which tags to assign to which data type, so if someone enters a UK Passport number to a word document saved in SharePoint, Word will automatically notify the user that it has classified the document and applied encryption (if required). If they then want to downgrade the tag, they have to provide a reason why.

Azure Information Protection is a very powerful way to make sure that your data is used correctly in your organisation.

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