Maximizer Sales Process Tracking and Performance

The CRM System Built for Sales Leaders, By Sales Leaders

Maximizer is a CRM system specifically built for the sales leader. Maximizer provides advanced insights and unprecedented access into your salespeople’s activity. From potential leads, to closed sales the Maximizer CRM allows you to easily monitor the day-to-day performance of new, and existing sales reps, all in one place.

  • Save time with easily-searchable customer data
  • Hassle-free integration
  • Get 24/7 access on desktop, mobile and tablets
  • State-of-the-art security infrastructure for your peace of mind
  • Manage your sales pipeline more effectively, and easily identify warmest prospects and follow up dates
  • From £39 per month*
maximzer crm sales software

Sales Team Improvement - Track, Monitor and Coach Sales Reps

Maximizer enables leaders to harness critical sales rep information allowing you to actively monitor individual effectiveness, and coach them to close deals faster, while permanently adopting the best practices and habits in the world.

Increase Revenues - Fast, Reliable Deployment

Streamline data by cutting out irrelevant statistics to achieve increased revenues and realise the Maximizer productivity improvements without the delays and costs of the lengthy installation imposed on you by our competitors.

Maximiser CRM
Maximiser CRM

Better Results - Retain Contract Renewals

Acquiring new customers is expensive; helping you retain and grow them is what Maximizer CRM does better than anyone. Experience and built-in customer analytics and processes help you to maximise repeat, and/or recurring revenue and contract renewals.

Coach to Win and Sell More Now with Maximizer CRM installed by QiC Systems

The CRM System Built for Sales Leaders, By Sales Leaders

Understand which deals are most likely to convert and ensure that your sales reps are planning the right moves to secure them. Maximizer CRM system provides real-time analytics, in plain sight, allowing you to coach to win and sell more now. Focus your leadership efforts, develop habits for success and confidently coach your team with complete insight into your pipeline.

  • Use preinstalled sales management tools or easily configure you own custom workflows designed around your critical business processes
  • Have full visibility and control over every prospect, lead and deal with real-time alerts.
  • Receive alerts if a deal is at risk of falling through to cutting opportunity timewasters that will never close, Maximizer goes ‘Beyond CRM’
  • Take action with customised, clutter free and up-to-date reports, forecasts and dashboards.
  • Track quotas, revenue and spot trends and flag outliners with a full suite of productivity tools
  • Access relevant deal information, automated email integration, standard and custom templates, configurable action plans and task management, quota tracking and mobile app
Maximiser CRM

Close. Deals. Faster - Accelerate your Sales with Maximizer CRM System Installed by QiC

Turn your potential leads into sales with the game changing insights and coaching from Maximizer CRM. Maximizer enables sales leaders to coach their sales reps to drive revenue and close deals faster.

• Monitor, predict and assess activity and performance in real time with ready-made analytics
• Provide clear, uncluttered direction and coaching - targeted when and where it’s needed
• Ensure sales plans are being followed with measured and continuous feedback
• Know what your salespeople are actively doing, not just what they’ve done

Retain Customer Renewals with Confidence, Time and Time Again

Take the worry out of retaining customer renewals by confidently securing customer lifetime value with Maximizer’s best-in class renewal process automation.

• Consolidate all critical customer lifecycle information in one place with the best-in-class renewal process automation.
• Expedite and accelerate your renewal opportunities with a full suite of renewal productivity tools including automated email integration, configurable action plans & task management, and mobile app.
• Track and identify renewal opportunities in your base and highlight chances to cross-sell, up-sell and expand base revenues with comprehensive analysis capabilities

Maximiser CRM

Affordable, Scalable, Sales Focused CRM Software

Maximizer CRM solutions come fully loaded with the core Sales and productivity functionality companies need to optimise sales productivity, accelerate sales, and improve customer renewals. With deployment options, tailored-to-fit flexibility, state-of-the art security infrastructure, industry specific editions and anywhere/anytime mobile access, Maximizer is the affordable sales CRM solution of choice.

From offices in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and a worldwide network of certified business partners, Maximizer has shipped over one million licenses to more than 120,000 customers worldwide.

For a free Maximizer management quote or to arrange a visit from one of our technicians, call us on 01962 711000, send an email to or complete our contact form and a member of our team will be in touch.

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Maximizer CRM FAQs

Sales lead management software like Maximizer helps organisations qualify incoming leads and analyse and nurture them so that they can be converted into new business opportunities. In a typical sales process, leads from multiple channels enter your lead management system, and the sales-ready leads are converted into deals.
CRM led management helps you identify which leads are most likely to convert. Maximizer CRM lead management software also enables you to pinpoint where prospects are entering your funnel and coach sales reps to close the deal. If you are looking for CRM sales software to help manage sales leads and prospects, get in touch with QIC today.
Upon integrating Maximizer into your business, our expert technicians provide a full tutorial to you and your staff to help you get the most out of your new software.
If you are looking for CRM support or a CRM support company near Southampton, QiC can help. We offer: • Maximizer CRM services in Eastleigh • Maximizer CRM support services in Eastleigh • Maximizer CRM services in Southampton • Maximizer CRM support services in Southampton • Maximizer CRM services in Chandler's Ford • Maximizer CRM support services in Chandler's Ford • Maximizer CRM services in Winchester • Maximizer CRM support services in Winchester • Maximizer CRM services in Romsey • Maximizer CRM support services in Romsey
The Maximizer database organises your customer information in a searchable and categorical format, making data retrieval easy. Users can add tags, notes, and other information to an account and can track changes to the customer journey to help manage customer relationships.
Maximiser CRM is a cloud-based customer database software offering streamlined sales, marketing and service functionality to suit every business. Whether you are an accountancy firm, marketing agency, real estate agency, in the finance sector or working in commerce, QIC can help you set up your bespoke CRM software and provide specific training to help you team get the most of Maximizer.
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