How do I move my business to The Cloud?

There are some basic steps that businesses need to complete for a full Cloud migration and QiC can help.

Here are a few things you’ll need to consider when migrating your business to The Cloud:

Email – This was traditionally on your on-premise server, but most companies have already moved this into The Cloud, usually with Office 365.

Files & Documents – The majority of people we speak to still host files and documents on their on-premise server. Moving these into The Cloud with Office 365 has many benefits, including the ability to work seamlessly over multiple locations. It also takes another role away from the on-premise server.

Applications – Customers will generally have a number of business applications on their server(s). These could include accounts systems, such as Sage, CRM programs and other business specific applications. Most suppliers are migrating to Cloud-based applications and are offering these to people who use their program on-premise. Gradually moving over to Cloud-based applications is another step to getting away from the requirement for on-premise servers. Note that this step can take months or even years depending on the applications in use.

Active Directory – This is generally the last role that is left on-premise. This deals with the security of the network and controls user details and permissions. There are various options to move this role into The Cloud which can be discussed.


If you’d like to discuss any aspect of Cloud migration, please call QiC today on: 01962 711000