How do I Implement an IT Disaster Recovery Plan?

There are 5 key steps to consider when implementing an IT Disaster Recovery Plan:


Step 1: Identify the risks: in what scenario would your data or IT systems be at risk? Consider natural disasters, power failures, cyber-attacks.

Step 2: Impact: analyse the impact an IT failure, data breech or data loss would have on your company. Consider staff downtime, reputational damage, loss of earnings.

Step 3: Strategy: think about short and long-term contingency plans. If the internet goes down, do your systems allow your employees to access their work from home?

Step 4: Test: it’s important your strategy is tested, staff receive the relevant training in the event of an incident and the disaster recovery plan is updated and reviewed regularly.

Step 5: Talk to an expert: QiC has a wealth of experience working with businesses to ensure they have an adequate IT disaster recovery plan in place. If you’d like help or advice contact QiC on 01962 711000.