Hornetsecurity – Security Awareness Service

The award-winning Hornetsecurity Security Awareness Service provides fully automated benchmarking, spear-phishing simulation, and e-training to sensitise and protect employees against cyber threats.

Your employees are your first line of defence against cyber threats. Attackers frequently target technical or human susceptibilities, employing tactics like phishing and malicious malware. Providing your employees with cyber security training significantly diminishes the likelihood of a successful breach. Security awareness training often requires significant time and resources. However, by utilising our IT support expertise and Hornetsecurity's Security Awareness Service, we can help alleviate this burden for you effectively.

Empower your IT team with the proficiency and skills needed to maintain constant vigilance against potential cyber-attacks and to skilfully safeguard invaluable assets.

  • Intelligent Awareness Benchmarking: Hornetsecurity’s patented ESI® - Employee Security Index is a benchmark that measures and compares employee security behaviour throughout the enterprise. It is a unique industry tool that identifies individual e-training needs and guides improvement.
  • Automated and Demand-Driven E-Training: The Awareness Engine by Hornetsecurity provides customised learning content to address the specific requirements of your employees and groups.
  • Highest level of Spear Phishing Simulation: The Spear Phishing Engine from Hornetsecurity uses realistic and current email phishing scenarios. Its goal is to train your employees thoroughly and prepare them effectively for sophisticated spear phishing attacks.
Horentsecurity spear phishing engine

Realistic spear phishing attacks can be simulated

The Spear Phishing Engine utilises psychological manipulation factors and publicly available company data and employee-related information to create a more targeted spear phishing simulation, resembling a real attacker.

• Different levels of difficulty and sophistication
• Fully automated and controlled simulations
• Patented procedure

Fully Automated Employee Training

The Awareness Engine is the core technology of the Security Awareness Service. It provides customised training for each user, ensuring they receive the appropriate amount of training. The goal is to provide as much training as necessary and as little as possible.

• Demand-driven roll out of relevant e-training content
• Booster option for users who need more intensive e-training
• Fully automated steering of the e-training

Hornetsecurity awareness dashboard 1
Hornetsecurity awareness dashboard 3

Awareness Dashboard - Track your organisation’s progress within the Awareness Dashboard

• Real-time monitoring of all Security Awareness stats
• ESI® reporting with ESI® history and forecast
• Configure and customise the awareness training to meet your organisation’s needs


Having an awareness benchmark is beneficial for IT security training to determine what is considered secure. This enables companies to assess how their workforce responds to targeted attacks.
The ESI® Awareness Benchmark enables standardised, transparent measurement of security behaviour on enterprise, group, and user level.

Hornetsecurity Security Hub

Security Hub: Create a learning environment that motivates your users by utilising the Security Hub

• Gives central access to all e-learning content
• Provides an evaluation of each user’s individual phishing simulation
• Gamification approach spurs users to “give their very best”
• Learning content available in multiple languages

Put your mind at rest with QiC and Hornetsecurity. We ensure the protection of your data, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

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