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Introducing Hornetsecurity’s Latest GRC Solution Delivering Key Advantages to Microsoft 365 Administrators

Hornetsecurity's latest GRC solution provides key benefits for Microsoft 365 Administrators. This innovative software streamlines M365 admin tasks by providing an intuitive interface, shared item insights, and built-in compliance monitoring. It enables efficient permission management and ensures compliance across SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive.

Enhanced Compliance Oversight and Governance in Microsoft 365

Compliance Monitoring: Allows M365 admins to easily monitor the states of policy compliance and to audit policy violations – which helps organizations maintain compliance with internal and external regulations and policies.

Govern Compliance: Enables M365 admins to set and enforce compliance policies for sharing sites, files, and folders in Microsoft 365. In addition, 365 Permission Manager also enables the assignment of out-of-the-box best practice policies or custom defined policies at the site, folder, and file level.

Effortless Management and Time Savings for M365 Admins

Easy-to-Use: Offers a convenient and user-friendly interface for M365 admins to get a more comprehensive view of permissions and whether items are shared with others, helping them to better protect sensitive information.

Timesaving: Saves time and effort for M365 admins enabling them to perform bulk actions to manage permissions and maintain a compliant SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive infrastructure.

Effortless Management of Microsoft 365 Permissions and Policies

Effortlessly manage Microsoft 365 permissions, enforce compliance policies, and monitor violations with our easy-to-use Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) service. We understand that overseeing user permissions, enforcing compliance policies, and monitoring potential violations can be a challenging task. That's why we recommend Hornetsecurity's comprehensive solution to streamline these processes, empowering you with effortless management capabilities.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your organisation's Microsoft 365 permissions in SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams. Utilise advanced filtering to easily identify accessible items for anonymous external users or guests, as well as items with broken permissions. Analyse nested groups to obtain a clear view of users' effective access rights.
Quick Actions can be used to fix permissions on multiple sites simultaneously. It can also help in setting the appropriate external sharing access level. Additionally, it allows users to identify and remove access for groups that provide indirect company-wide access, such as "Everyone". With Quick Actions, you can easily find and remove orphaned user permissions with just a simple push of a button.
To maintain a compliant data infrastructure for SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive, use 365 Permission Manager. This tool allows you to assign out-of-the-box best practice policies or create custom defined compliance policies for SharePoint sites, Teams, or OneDrive accounts. If a user shares a site or file that violates your compliance policy, site owners will receive immediate notification to address the issue.
The Audit function allows you to handle violations of compliance rules. You can choose to approve or reject the violation by reverting the site settings based on the assigned compliance policy. Alternatively, you can remove access granted to users and groups.
You will receive a daily summary of critical permission changes in your M365 tenant. Alerts will inform you about newly shared items with "Everyone" or anonymous users or guests outside your organization, including sites, files, and folders.
The 365 Permission Manager generates reports for documentation and compliance. These reports contain permission meta-data, showing which files are accessible to anonymous users or shared with guests. The tool also allows users to select a specific group or user to get a full list of their access to any site, file, or folder.

Set your mind at rest with QiC and Hornetsecurity. We ensure the protection of your data, allowing you to concentrate on your main business.

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