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With cybercrime and data breach levels at an all-time high, businesses are exposed to a greater number of digital threats than ever before. Firewalls and Antivirus software alone are not always enough to secure your systems and ensure the protection of customer and employee data. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that cyber security in the UK is a hot topic among owners of businesses of all sizes.

Figures published in April 2019 from The Cyber Security Breaches Survey, show that 32% of businesses and 22% of charities reported having suffered a cyber security breach or attack during the prior 12 months. This figure is much higher among medium and large businesses and high-income charities with over 50% reporting that they had suffered some form of cyberattack.

  • Phishing attacks were identified by 80% of the businesses and 81% of the charities who had reported an attack.
  • Viruses, spyware, malware and ransomware attacks were suffered by 27% of these businesses and 18% of these charities.

At QiC we understand the importance of protecting your business from cybercrime and data breach, and our experienced cyber security consultants can help keep your business and its data stay safe. Regardless of the size of your organisation, establishing your cyber security position and implementing a risk management strategy is vital.

We offer a range of cyber security products and services through our managed security solutions, including Webroot EndPoint security products, so managing your cyber security couldn’t be easier.

As certified partners for Webroot EndPoint, our cyber security solution will take care of all your Anti-Virus, Malware and Ransomware protection needs. Webroot’s cybersecurity solutions eliminate the security gaps in your business by using its threat intelligence database to detect risks and launch a quick response. This defends your business against cyberattacks protecting both your network security and information security.

Unlike basic anti-virus software, Webroot Endpoint Protection offers threat detection and protection across a number of different areas including:

  • Email Security
  • Web Applications
  • File Attachments
  • Hyperlinks
  • Display Ads
  • Social Media Apps
  • Connected Devices such as USB drives
  • Other blended threats

The integrated security portfolio covers both endpoint and DNS protection, as well as phishing simulations and cyber security awareness training. The Webroot solution combines technical and human defences to automatically stop sophisticated, multi-level attacks, making it a popular choice with cyber security companies in the UK.

To find out more about Webroot SecureAnywhere® Business Endpoint Protection, visit our dedicated page here.

Since the introduction of GDPR, the potential impact of cybercrime and in particular, data breach has heightened. Below are some of the common losses that companies now face:

  • First-Party Costs and Third-Party Litigation – Where companies experience a serious data breach, they must, without undue delay and where feasible, no later than 72 hours after becoming aware of it, inform the Information Commissioner’s Office or, if appropriate, other EU data protection authorities. They have to give details of how the breach occurred, how it is being managed and what the next planned steps are. Data breaches may negatively impact individuals and lead to third-party litigation seeking compensation or damages.
  • Reputational Damage – Companies that fail to comply with GDPR and misuse personal data may find themselves gaining bad press across the media. The resulting negativity could significantly impact a company’s reputation. GDPR may also lead to claims against companies and individuals for negligence or wrongful acts.
  • Directors and Officers – Company directors and officers could find themselves in the firing line if they fail to act diligently in relation to ensuring their company has robust processes and practices in place to maintain compliance with the GDPR.

With the above in mind, it has become more important than ever to warrant against cybercrime and data breach.

If you are looking for an IT support company in Hampshire, who can offer a full range of managed IT support services, including cyber security operations and incident response, QiC can help. Our award-winning team of experts have years of experience and we are ideally situated in central Hampshire, near Winchester.

To discuss your cybersecurity needs today please contact a member of the team by emailing sales@qicsystems.com, calling us on 01962 711000 or visiting our contact page.


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