What are the top 6 new features of Maximizer 2019?

We’re excited to announce the launch of Maximizer 2019 and if you’d like to know what’s new about the 2019 version of Maximizer CRM, here are the highlights:

1. New Leads Module – this allows you to manage the full cycle from leads to sales.

2. Quick Search enhancement – to help produce more accurate search results the Quick Search will now only search the name fields, unless other parameters are used, such as address or phone number.

3. Search in Notes Following tab – In the Notes Following tab, you can now search for notes in a selected entry and set various parameters for the search.

4. Outlook add-in – new to on-premise, in Outlook you can now mark the emails that have been saved to Maximizer entries using an Outlook category.

5. Notification manager – You can now receive notifications by emails. In Notification Manager, in the wizard page there’s a new option ‘Send an email when this notification arrives’.

6. Outlook and Word add-ins – A new version of Outlook and Word add-in is available with a cleaner interface.

If you would like to find out more about how a CRM like Maximizer 2019 can help your business move forward, call QiC today on 01962 711000.

Maximizer CRM Case Study

We were thrilled that Maximizer chose our client, SSG Recruitment, as a case study. Find out how Maximizer CRM enabled SSG to streamline their business processes, by providing a centralised port for their customer data, which can be easily accessed from all their office locations.

SSG Recruitment Case Study

Help Your Business Grow With Confidence!

Maximizer CRM has launched their new brand message ‘Grow With Confidence’ and we think they’ve hit the nail on the head! With Maximizer CRM, you literally can watch your business Grow With Confidence.

Maximizer is a cloud-based CRM, which provides a fully integrated sales, marketing and customer service platform, allowing you to easily search for specific commercial information, and then use this information to drive the operational, sales and customer service efficiencies within your business.

At QiC, we use Maximizer not only to track customer data (recording your complete IT history, so that we can easily identify and fix recurring issues), but also for administering new sales prospects. Maximizer will remind you when to chase a quote or make a courtesy call; it tracks every call, email and document communicated between you and your customers. It is, in many ways, a virtual PA, and a great asset for business growth.

As a leading UK Business Partner for Maximizer CRM, QiC have a wealth of experience in all aspects of CRM implementation, and are ideally placed to customise and deploy Maximizer to meet the exact requirements of your business. If you’d be interested in finding out more about Maximizer CRM, contact us today on 01962 711000.

If you’d like to read more, find out how Maximizer CRM has helped our client SSG Recruitment. 

What’s New In Maximizer CRM 2018?

If you’re more than one version behind, you’ll notice many additional enhancements to the system, but here are some of the highlights …

1. Enhanced Import Tool – new advanced features include duplicate entry checking, import history/status updates and import templates, making uploading data to Maximizer quicker and easier than ever before.

2. New Global Edit Function – allows you to continue working in other areas of Maximizer while editing is in process.

3. App Directory – you can now access a growing number of other business applications from within Maximizer, simply by searching the app directory.

4. Drag and Drop – quickly upload documents from your computer to Maximizer with the new ‘drag and drop’ function.

5. User Interface – there have been several improvements to the user interface, making accessing your customer data quicker and more efficient.

If you’d like to learn more about Maximizer CRM 2018, or would like to discuss an upgrade, contact QiC today on: 01962 711000

What are the top 6 new features of Maximizer 2017?

  1. Business Processes for Each Customer Segment – tailor your business processes and opportunity stages to match the buying lifecycle of each customer group.
  2. Automatic Elapsed Time/Duration Calculation – easily setup to track critical timeframes such as time passed since last contact and contract renewal dates.
  3. Simplified Reporting Setup – simplified one-click report generation gets you relevant information faster and easier.
  4. Customised Templates for Appointments and Reminders – create branded email templates for notifications and reminders.
  5. Modern Clean Interface – fresh colours and easy to read text.
  6. Integration with Outlook – easily add new contact details and email communication, and quickly set up a Sales Opportunity or follow-up Task in Maximizer from within Outlook.