8 Top Tips for Local SEO

With the majority of top ten Google search results now producing local websites instead of generic ones, local SEO is something that businesses can’t ignore.

If you want to help your website appear at the top of Google in the local search results, here are 8 Top Tips for Local SEO to get your started:

Google My Business – Create and verify a Google My Business Page. Encourage customers to leave reviews and respond to comments. Where possible, include the location of your business or service in the response.

Optimise – every URL, Title Tag, Header and Meta Description is an opportunity to be found in search results. Ensure your geographic location is clearly stated in each. When it comes to geo-targeted content, consider customer success stories and case studies from local businesses you’ve worked with.

Location pages – if your business has more than one location, create a page for each, including essential information such as address, hours of business, parking information. If you have one location, make the About Us page locally descriptive and include a Google Map.

Create local content – think outside the box, you don’t have to always write about what your business sells. If you’re hoping to attract a local audience, consider writing about local news and events.

Mobile friendly – local search and mobile search are linked. The majority of smartphone users conduct local searches on their devices. Ensure your website is mobile optimised and contact details and directions can be found easily.

Local directories – ensure your businesses is listed with local online directories and your contact details are consistent throughout.

Backlinks – inbound links to your site are a great opportunity to boost local SEO. Consider local sponsorship opportunities, writing a guest blog on one of your supplier’s websites and reciprocal links with your customers.

Social media – Google considers content shared on social media more important now than ever. Share your Google My Business Page on social media and include regular geographic references in your posts.

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