Office 365

8 of the Best Tips and Tricks for Office 365

1. Real-time co-authoring: Save a Word document to OneDrive or SharePoint, so colleagues can work on it with you – you’ll see each other’s changes as they happen.

2. Use links instead of attachments: Sharing files couldn’t be easier. Simply upload a document to your Office 365 cloud storage, compose your email and insert the link to your file. The recipient will have full editing permission and you won’t clutter up your email with large attachments.

3. Tell Me: If you’re unsure on how to do something, whether it’s writing a letter, or creating a purchase ledger, the Tell Me function can help. It’s at the top of most Office 365 apps, including Word and Excel. Just type what you want to do in the search box, and it will direct you.

4. Focused Inbox: This has replaced the Clutter feature and splits your inbox into two tabs – Focused and Other. All your important emails will go into ‘Focused’, while the rest are easily accessible, but out of the way on the ‘Other’ tab.

5. Office Lens: Quickly and efficiently take more detailed notes with the help of the Office Lens app. Using a smartphone, take pictures of notes on a sheet of paper, or a diagram on a whiteboard and easily turn it into digital note form.

6. Sway: If you create a lot of slideshows, but you’re beginning to run out of inspiration, try Sway. Sway offers a wide range of templates, backgrounds and other features to help you create professional and eye-catching slideshows.

7. Use Pins: To gain quicker access to your regularly used documents, you can use ‘Pins’. Go to File, Open and Recent, then select the More icon next to the file you’d like Pin. Select Pin and this will add it to your Recent page.

8. Office Mobile Apps: This is included in your subscription. Simply download it from your Android or iOS device store and you’ll be able to use Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and OneDrive, directly from your smartphone or tablet while you’re on the move!

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